Tricky Thief: Steal Everything 3D
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Tricky Thief: Steal Everything 3D

In Tricky Thief, your stickman pals are going on thrilling missions to steal money from banks and even furniture from houses. But it’s not going to be easy because banks have guards who might catch you, so watch out! And when you sneak into a house, there could be a grumpy dog waiting for you, and you’ll have to run away. You’ll also have some friendly competition with other stickmen to see who can steal more stuff!

This game is full of cool things to do:

  • Robbing banks and houses
  • Competing with other stickmen
  • Using special abilities to slow down your buddies
  • Customizing your stickman with awesome skins
  • Guards who might catch you
  • Lots of different levels to play through

Get ready for loads of fun with your stickman friends in this action-packed game!

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