Trace Room Escape
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Trace Room Escape


You find yourself trapped in an unfamiliar location and must find a way to escape. Use the arrows to navigate around and investigate the furniture in the room for clues and objects to collect. Hover over each item to see a short description and a helpful hint.

If you come across something you think might be useful later, snap a picture of it by clicking the camera icon. To view your pictures, click on the notes button. You can even make notes on the images using the pencil tool, and erase them with the eraser or “Erase All” button.

The puzzles will become increasingly complex as you progress through the rooms, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with the items in your inventory. Every item you find has a purpose, you just need to figure out how to use it.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Camera: Press the camera button to take a photograph of your current view. You can view the pictures you’ve taken in the Notes tab.
  • Notes: Press the notes button to open the notes tab. The pencil and eraser tool will let you mark down your own notes and drawings.
  • Save / Load: This game features an auto-save feature. ┬áThe game will automatically save at certain progress points. Press the Resume button in the start menu to resume your game.