Touge Drift and Racing
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Touge Drift and Racing

Amazing car game with realistic 3D graphics and realistic driving physics.

Touge Drift & Racing will take you to a beautiful foggy location with mountains, downhills, sharp turns, and unique cars, which roar will make you feel real satisfaction.

Your main aim is to drive a track for a minimal time interval with a maximal amount of drift points.

Each car has “drift” and “racing” stages, drift points depend on maximal car speed and maximal drift angle: the higher speed, the bigger angle – this is a way to get more drift points.

– 3 Big Locations

– Mountain City

– Training Base

– 58 Configurations

– 10 Unique Cars

– Awesome Physics

– High Graphics

The game is over 200 MB. Please be patient while it is loading.


Touge Drift and Racing is developed by Volodymyr Bozhko.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

W – Throttle;
S – Brakes;
A – Left;
D – Right;
Space – HandBrake;
Shift – Gear Up;
Control – Gear Down

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