Toss the Turtle
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Toss the Turtle

Get ready for Toss the Turtle an epic adventure as you embark on a mission to launch our brave turtle hero as far as possible! Armed with a powerful cannon, the stage is set for some exhilarating turtle-launching action.

Your objective is clear: propel our courageous turtle friend to new heights and distances! Utilize the giant cannon to send him soaring through the air, and then guide him as he glides through the sky. How far can you propel him on this thrilling journey?

With each launch, you’ll earn cash based on the distance our turtle manages to achieve. Use this hard-earned cash to unlock valuable upgrades for your cannon and equip the turtle with enhancements that will propel him even farther. As you aim for new records, the excitement of seeing our turtle defy gravity and soar through the skies will keep you engaged for hours on end!

Join the turtle in his quest to prove the strength of his shell and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with thrilling launches and epic achievements. Challenge yourself to reach new heights and distances, and let the world marvel at the indomitable spirit of our heroic turtle!

Prepare for heart-pounding excitement and endless fun as you aim for the skies and challenge yourself to achieve new records in distance and height. With each launch, the thrill of seeing our intrepid turtle defy gravity and soar through the clouds will keep you coming back for more!

So, gather your courage, aim true, and let’s see just how far you can toss the turtle in this exhilarating adventure!

Toss the Turtle is a flash game made in 2009. Now It is playable again online.


  • Rock Pack ($1,000) – This jet pack’s a bit heavy and slow, but hey, it flies! Click to zoom off with free fuel refills.
  • Chest Bomb ($2,000) – Strap this bomb on, and if you stop moving – BOOM! It’s a one-time thrill.
  • Jet Pack ($25,000) – Super smooth and flies super high. Gotta have the Rock Pack first, though. Click and soar!
  • Missile ($60,000) – Who needs jet packs when you’ve got a missile? Super fast! Swap out your Jet Pack and click to blast off.
  • Big Cannon ($10,000) – Strong and reliable, perfect for shooting yourself into the sky.
  • Super Cannon ($40,000) – Flashy buttons and a mega blast. Upgrade from your old cannon for more power.
  • Gold Cannon ($100,000) – The fancy cannon! Super comfy and sends you really far. Trade a good cannon for this one.
  • Nuclear Thingy ($10,000) – Huge explosions? Yes, please! Buy a bunch and click to go BOOM.
  • Tank ($200,000) – The ultimate cannon fun! It’s the most powerful and coolest cannon in the shop.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Click and hold to gain power, release to fire
Use the WASD keys to control the turtle in flight
Click with your mouse to shoot the turtle