Top Driver 2: Undercover
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Top Driver 2: Undercover


Top Driver 2: Undercover is an car driving game where you play the role of an undercover policeman tasked with infiltrating and dismantling a mafia involved in illegal racing and car theft. The game boasts an impressive collection of over 100 cars, ranging from European, Japanese, and American manufacturers, available through 20 different dealers.

Set in a diverse and expansive environment, the game features a variety of locations including the bustling central city, scenic country roads, challenging mountain serpentines, and an industrial area. Each setting provides a unique backdrop for the numerous race types offered, such as ring races, drifting competitions, sprints, and races against time and speed.

As you delve deeper into mafia operations, you’ll engage in both mob missions and assignments from Samantha, your contact. The game mechanics are designed to be immersive, with smart police tactics like roadblocks, spikes, and battering rams. The intensity of police pursuit escalates with your wanted level, adding a realistic challenge to evade capture.

The car physics in “Top Driver 2: Undercover” are meticulously crafted, with factors like mass, drive type, power, and class influencing how each vehicle handles. Additionally, environmental conditions such as road surfaces and weather impact tire grip, requiring players to adapt their driving strategies under varying circumstances. This game offers a comprehensive driving experience that tests your skills behind the wheel and your cunning as an undercover officer.

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