Tiny Fishing
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Tiny Fishing


Get ready for some fishing fun! Cast your line and try to catch the most incredible fish ever! The aim of the game is to catch fish and sell them to earn money. Once you’ve sold some fish, you can use that money to make your fishing pole even better.

By making your pole fancier, you can catch even more fish at once, and you can cast your line even farther. Plus, every time you catch a fish, you’ll get some gold, and who knows, you might even discover hidden treasure while you’re fishing!

To cast your line, just click the spinner to decide how far you want it to go. Then click and move the hook left and right to catch those fish. When your line comes back up to the surface, you’ll get money for all the fish you’ve caught! You can spend that cash in between casts to make your fishing skills even better and get new hooks.

Happy fishing!

Just Have Fun!