The Secret of Tetrapylae
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The Secret of Tetrapylae

In this super cool adventure game, you’ll find yourself in a magical world that’s kind of like the Middle East during the time of brave knights and castles. You’re the child of an important noble, and you’re on a quest to find treasure and become a hero in an upcoming war. But guess what? Unexpected things happen, and suddenly you’re on a mission to discover an old, mysterious secret. Can you handle it?

To play, just use your mouse to look for hints and do stuff in the game. It’s not always clear where you should go, but you’ll figure it out by looking near the edges of the screen and at things like doors, stairs, and passages.

The story is a bit tricky – it doesn’t just tell you everything straight up. Instead, you have to use clues in the game to piece together what’s really going on. Or, if you like, you can use your imagination to come up with your own ideas about the story. It’s like being a detective in a fantastic, magical world!

Game Concept, Story, Art and Programming by Ludivorus.
Music by Brandon Morris, YD, Zapssplat, SoundJay.

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