The Ninja Warriors

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The Ninja Warriors

The Ninja Warriors for SNES is a beat ’em up video game released in 1995 now you can play it online.

The Ninja Warriors (also known as The Ninja Warriors Again in Japan, The Ninja Warriors: New Generation in Europe)

Choose between playing as one of three ninja robots, each with different attributes and a unique set of moves including jumps, dashes, throws, and other attacks.
Developed by the same team that created Wild Guns.
The once great and wealthy nation lay in the midst of a great crisis. The tyrant,  Banglar, used his force to strike fear and terror into the people. Once brainwashed they lost the power to think for themselves.
The society lay ruined in once an economic boom center of the world. Now darkness looms from above.
However, a once ray of hope remains. A small handful of underground revolutionaries, lead by the famous “Mulk”, launched a great campaign to restore order, law, and freedom to the nation.
Three ninja androids were developed to take down Banglar and his army.
Your mission as one of the three androids is to overthrow the Banglar regime and depose of him.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Controller to Keyboard Mapping:

Only keyboard is required to play. Pretend your keyboard is the a game controller. Check the controller setting by clicking the "Set Up Keyboard" button at the bottom of the game. A console-to-keyboard mapping will be displayed, for example, a - Z, mean "a" button on console/joystick is equal to Z key on your keyboard.

Start/Pause = Enter

Default Mapping
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
Move/D-PAD =[W],[A],[S],[D] on Keyboard
A, B, X, Y Button =[J], [K], [I], [L] on Keyboard
L, R Button =[U], [O] on Keyboard
START, SELECT =[Enter], [Space-Bar] on Keyboard

You can change the controller to whatever you want.

SAVE progress anytime to your local computer and come back later and load it up by using the "Save State" and "Load State" button at the bottom.

*Must use CHROME browser to click play.