The Loud House: Linc in Charge
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The Loud House: Linc in Charge

Experience life as a member of the Loud family in the exciting game, Linc in Charge! Get to know the ten sisters and one brother, including Luan, Leni, Lori, Lincoln, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lisa, Lola, Lily, and Lana. It’s impressive that their parents can remember all their names! In this game, you’ll help them manage the household while their parents are away.

Linc in Charge features four unique mini-games for you to enjoy. As Lincoln, you take on the responsibility of being in charge. Managing such a big family can be challenging, especially when each member has a distinct personality. Can Lincoln keep everything in order amidst constant interruptions?

4 Mini Games to play

  1. Loud Laundry: Start with Loud Laundry, one of the most dreaded chores for any family. Can you keep up with the piles of dirty socks and T-shirts from eleven siblings? Use your mouse to grab clothes from the hamper and drag them to the appropriate basket based on their color. Be careful not to mix up the whites and colored items. When a basket is full, put it in the washing machine. Keep up with your siblings’ demands, shown at the top of the screen, to earn points and win the game.
  2. Geo’s on a Roll: Next, it’s time to deal with the family pet, Geo the mischievous hamster. Control Geo in his plastic ball and help him escape during the night. Use the Arrow Keys to move and press the Space Bar at the right moment to jump. Collect snacks to keep Geo’s energy up, but watch out for Lincoln’s flashlight and avoid getting caught.
  3. Food Fight: Prepare for a food fight gone wrong! Help Lincoln calm down the situation and beat his sisters. Use the Up and Down arrows to deflect the projectiles coming your way, including roast chicken, candies, apples, and watermelons. If you’re skilled enough, you can hit one of your siblings in the face for extra points. But be careful not to lose all three hearts, or the game will end. Give it your best shot!
  4. Taking out the Trash: Finally, it’s time to take out the trash. Trash bags are everywhere, and your sisters keep adding more. Walk up to the bags using the Left and Right Arrow Keys. Once you’re next to a bag, a white target will appear. Adjust the angle by moving, then press the Space Bar to kick. Remember, there are two large bins, one at the end of each room. Choose the one that’s easier to reach. Don’t let the timer expire for any of the trash bags, or you’ll lose one of your three lives.

Enjoy your time in the Loud House! It can be stressful without the parents around, but doing chores with so many siblings can also be a lot of fun. See if you can handle the chaos and earn a high score in all four games. If you do, you’ll prove yourself as a true gaming master and a loyal friend to Lincoln. Have a blast!


The Loud House: Linc in Charge is developed by Nickelodeon.

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