The Chef’s Shift
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The Chef’s Shift


Get ready for a chaotic and fast-paced cooking game in an Italian restaurant where you need to type quickly to serve dishes to hungry customers.

Your goal is to satisfy customers and earn their money to help you reach the minimum sales target. Balancing cooking, serving, and managing disturbances is crucial for success.

To prepare a dish, type the words above it. Some dishes require additional steps, but you’ll learn more about that later. Once the dish is ready, move it to the tray, which can only hold a limited amount.

If necessary, you can discard a dish on the tray by pressing DELETE. To serve a dish to a customer, type the words above their head with their preferred dish, provided you have prepared it beforehand. Serve them quickly, or they might lose interest in Italian cuisine.

Watch out for your business competitor, Mr. Whisker, who may try to steal your recipe by sampling your dishes. Since diplomacy is not his forte, you’ll need to resort to your trusty revolver to handle him. Type the words above the rat to use your gun.

Additionally, you can type words on the cashier to earn wealth from satisfied customers. Meet the sales target by the end of the shift to advance to the next level. Get ready for a thrilling cooking challenge!


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The Chef’s Shift is a online Educational Game you can play for free in full screen at KBH Games. The Chef’s Shift is made using Unity Games technology. Easily play The Chef’s Shift on the web browser without downloading. Hope the game will bring a little joy into your daily life.