Temp Ninja

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Temp Ninja

One of the purest platforming Flash games to be released in recent memory, Temp Ninja is a fun and extremely polished game designed to lure players in with some easy beginner levels and keep them coming back for more with challenging levels, unlockable playable characters, and achievements. Features: – Amazingly fun ninja platforming controls. One handed, so you can hold your coffee in the other. – A likeable and charming character and environment. You are an office ninja! – 20 levels of platforming action, plus a final boss fight – 4 uniquely enjoyable cutscenes – 6 playable characters (5 are unlockable) – 8 achievements – Rockin 8-bit chiptunes soundtrack

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
Do Stuff: Space