Tanks 2D: War and Heroes
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Tanks 2D: War and Heroes

Get ready for an awesome tank battle like no other! It’s super easy: pick your tank, make it even cooler with better weapons, and let the epic showdown begin.

You’ll have a big collection of real historical tanks to play with, like MC1, BT2, T60, T127, T28, T50, T34, KB1, and more in future updates! Each tank can be your pick, and you can make them even stronger.

There are loads of unique enemies and big, tough bosses to challenge you. Can you beat them all and show you’re the champion?

Choose, buy, and supercharge your tank. Gather up your super-duper weapons and prove you’re the top dog!

  • Have a blast with the super exciting gameplay and make the whole world hold its breath.
  • Go head-to-head with tanks, soldiers, tough buildings, gigantic bosses, and even planes!
  • Use fancy ballistics (that means really cool shooting stuff).
  • Get some nifty game bonuses to help you out.


Tanks 2D: War and Heroes is developed by TONKO Games.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Desktop:
    • Keys a,d – tank movement.
    • Keys w,s – change the angle of the gun.
    • Spacebar or mouse – shoot.
  • mobile devices
    • use touch input.