Tangle Toys
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Tangle Toys

Tangle Toys is a cool game where you use a contraption that shoots a rope to pull dangerous toys into a trap and pits. You can also use it to pull yourself away from messy situations.

Enemies can drop red yard balls, collect them to get more ropes to shoot.

How many waves can you survive?

Developed by:
– Johannes Kutsch (Ruhken) / Programming
– Marcus Meiburg (Jar) / Programming, Shader
– Philipp Werner / Programming
– Valentin Fischer/ 3D Art
– Music by Eric Matyas

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Use W/A/S/D or the arrow keys to move.
Use left mouse to shoot your rope, you can shoot multiple times to stick enemies together or stick them to walls.

Use right mouse to pull yourself