Sydney Shark Rampage
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Sydney Shark Rampage


Dive into a thrilling underwater adventure with the Sydney Shark game, the exciting sequel set in the beautiful waters of Sydney. Building on the success of Miami Shark, this game takes you on a new rampage through the ocean, introducing fresh scenery and challenges. The relentless power of the shark returns, now against the backdrop of Australia’s famous city.

In this sequel, your mission remains unchanged – embrace the role of the unstoppable shark and unleash chaos. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Sydney, continue your quest to cause as much destruction as possible! Immerse yourself in the waters of Sydney and discover if anything has changed in how you make waves and wreak havoc in this Australian twist on the classic shark adventure. Get ready for a wild ride and see what new challenges await you in the Sydney Shark game!

This Sydney Shark is a flash game made in 2010. Now it is playable again online thanks to

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