Super Plantoid
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Super Plantoid


Super Plantoid is a metroidvania game where you take on the role of an astrobotanist who crash-lands on an alien planet. As you explore the dangerous and unfamiliar terrain, use your botanical knowledge to overcome obstacles and discover ways to refuel your rocket. However, be wary of the plant life that may not be entirely friendly.

To complete your mission, you must gather all four solar flowers and make your way back to the rocket. Along the way, you can collect seeds that will allow you to cultivate new plant species and harvest their fruits. For an added challenge, there are various optional collectibles to discover.


  • Programming
  • – Bartosz “Sztobar” Szewczyk
  • Art and Level Design
  • – Lucas “Shogun” Michalczyk
  • Music and SFX
  • – Daniel “Dans17” Sousa

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