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“Summoning” is a captivating roguelike action game that plunges players into the dark world of a cultist on a vengeful quest. Your ultimate goal is to execute the Great Summoning, but to get there, you must navigate through an arena teeming with challenges and opportunities.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  1. Dash and Dodge: As the cultist, your primary mode of movement is a swift dash. Use this to maneuver around the arena, dodging attacks and positioning yourself strategically to defeat enemies and perform necessary rituals.
  2. Sacrifice and Collect: Central to the game is the mechanic of sacrificing your loyal servants. These devoted followers can be sacrificed during gameplay to release their souls. Collect these souls as they are crucial for powering your spells and abilities.
  3. Deck Building: The souls you collect serve another vital purpose—they fuel your deck of upgrades. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to build and customize your deck. This deck determines your abilities, spells, and other upgrades that enhance your powers and aid in your quest.
  4. The Great Summoning: All your actions lead to performing the ultimate ritual—the Great Summoning. This dark ceremony is your path to unleashing powerful forces and achieving your objectives within the game.

Narrative Context: The game starts with a dark and compelling backstory where your character, the cultist, was bound by the “Seven Blades”—a mystical binding spell that targets vital organs and trapped you in hell for a century. Marked by one blade for the heart, four for the lungs, two for the kidneys, and one for the liver, you’ve endured a century of torment.

However, as the game begins, you hear a mysterious voice that ignites your desire for revenge. It’s this voice that guides you to break free and embark on your journey through the arena, battling enemies, and harnessing the dark arts to prepare for the Great Summoning. The narrative is steeped in themes of mysticism, betrayal, and revenge, driving you to push forward through the challenges and master the dark powers at your disposal.


Made by xk during Ludum Dare 55.

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