Stunt Rider
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Stunt Rider

Step into the thrilling world of “Stunt Rider,” an action-packed game where you embody a seasoned stuntman mastering daring motorcycle stunts. Developed by GamePush, this game lets you navigate through various levels, each presenting unique challenges that test your skills and daring.

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock new and increasingly difficult levels, each designed to push your stunt-riding abilities to the limit. To spice up your experience, you can also purchase a range of cool motorcycles, each with unique attributes that can help you perform even more spectacular stunts.

The game is designed with intuitive controls to ensure a smooth ride:

  • On a Computer: Use the Arrow keys or W, A, S, D for steering your motorcycle. For acceleration, you can use the Left Shift, and for braking, the Space bar comes in handy. This setup gives you full control over your bike, allowing you to execute precise maneuvers and avoid flipping.
  • On a Mobile Phone: Control is straightforward with pedal buttons displayed on the screen, making it easy to accelerate or brake as you navigate through the courses.

Your main goal is to reach the finish line without overturning your motorcycle, a task that requires careful balance, sharp reflexes, and a bold spirit. “Stunt Rider” offers a perfect blend of excitement and challenge, making it ideal for players who love action and adrenaline. Dive into this motorcycle stunt game and show off your skills as a professional stuntman!

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