Stickman Jetpack
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Stickman Jetpack


Stickman Jetpack is a thrilling physics-based game that combines skill, timing, and aerial maneuvers. As you guide a stickman equipped with a jetpack through various challenging courses, you’ll need to navigate through a maze of traps and obstacles that require precision and quick thinking.

Gameplay Overview

In “Stickman Jetpack,” players control the stickman’s movement with a simple button that activates the jetpack. Timing and control are crucial, as the jetpack’s fuel is limited, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay. Your mission is to reach the finish line without running out of fuel or colliding with any obstacles, which could cause your jetpack to explode and force a restart of the level.

Challenges and Obstacles

The game is designed to test players’ reflexes and ability to manage physics-based challenges. Obstacles are in constant motion, requiring you to think ahead and plan your moves carefully. The game’s difficulty increases as you progress, with each level introducing new and more complex hazards.

Key Features

  • Engaging Levels: With more than 10 levels, each presents unique challenges that will keep you engaged and entertained.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Varying modes and tasks ensure a fresh experience and replayability, challenging you to master different aspects of the game.
  • Simple Controls: The controls are straightforward, focusing on the timing of jetpack use. The ragdoll physics adds a fun and unpredictable element to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Players must carefully manage their jetpack’s fuel and navigate through obstacles to reach the finish line without crashing.

“Stickman Jetpack” is perfect for players who enjoy casual games that are easy to learn but challenging to master. The combination of simple controls, challenging levels, and physics-based mechanics makes for an addictive game that tests your precision and strategic thinking. Ready your reflexes, plan your route, and soar to victory with “Stickman Jetpack.”


Stickman Jetpack is developed by Mirra Games.

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