Stickman Fight Ragdoll
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Stickman Fight Ragdoll

“Stickman Fight: Ragdoll” is an action-packed skill game where you take control of a floppy stickman ragdoll. This game puts you right in the middle of intense battles where you’re not just fighting against enemies, but also battling the laws of physics! Your task is to master the art of maneuvering your ragdoll’s body to strike with precision and power.

As you progress through fights, you’ll earn coins from each enemy you defeat. Use these coins wisely to upgrade your weapons and armor, making your stickman stronger and more resilient against tougher opponents. The game challenges you to see how many enemies you can take down. Each battle requires skill, timing, and a strategic approach to use your body’s movements effectively. There is also an 2 player mode where you can battle with a friend on the same computer.

Prepare for fun and challenging rounds where every move counts. Can you become a master of ragdoll physics and dominate the arena?

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