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Description is a captivating game where you control a hole with the aim of swallowing and collecting stickman troops to battle against a boss. The game offers two engaging modes: Single Player and Two-Player. In Single Player Mode, you navigate your hole around a cityscape, swallowing as many stickmen as you can within a set time limit for each level. The more stickmen you gather, the stronger your troops become, preparing you for an epic showdown against a formidable boss. Strategic planning is essential to maximize your collection and ensure victory.

In Two-Player Mode, the excitement ramps up as you challenge a friend. Each player controls their own hole, racing against the clock to swallow as many stickmen as possible. When time runs out, the collected troops from both players face off in a grand battle. The player with the most stickmen has an advantage, and the ultimate winner is the one whose troops emerge victorious. blends strategy and competition, delivering dynamic and entertaining gameplay that keeps players engaged and eager to conquer each level.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Single Player Mode
    • WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Two Player Mode
    • Player 1: WASD
    • Player 2: Arrow Keys