Stick Battle: Fight for Freedom
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Stick Battle: Fight for Freedom


Lead your army of stickmen, build units, mine gold, and become a master of sword, bow, magic, and even a giant!  Destroy enemy statues, conquer territories, and embark on an epic adventure!

You find yourself in a world surrounded by nations with unique technologies, each dedicated to the pursuit of dominance. These nations boast their own special ways of defense and attack. Fueled by pride in their craftsmanship, they’ve become obsessed with power and the desire to dominate. Every nation believes its way of life is the only true path, preaching its principles to others through divine intervention—or, as you’ll discover, through war.

Campaign with loads of exciting missions! Zombie Survival Mode!

Dive into this extraordinary world where nations cultivate unique technologies and vie for dominance. As the leader of “Order,” your mission is to protect your people from hostile nations. Launch the first attack, conquer technology, and fight for freedom on the battlefields!

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