Sprout Valley
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Sprout Valley


Sprout Valley is a cute demo of a upcoming farming simulation game where you try to grow the garden of your dream.

Chill and Relaxing Experience.


Nico the cat had always lived in the large town of Lemontop but he never felt like he belonged in the city. When he was a kitten, he’d read books about nature and the great outdoors, hoping that one day he would get a chance to escape the busy confines of his crowded city life. One day, while working his job as a mailroom clerk, Nico stumbled upon a magazine with a beautiful nature scene on the cover called the Pascal Town Tribune. When he opened it up, he found an article posted by a penguin named Ozlo who had multiple undeveloped properties for sale. There were 5 in total, but the first 4 were much too expensive. The other one, however, called Ostara cost 5000 coins, which was exactly what he had in his savings account. Nico knew this was his chance to realize his dream, so he put in his notice, closed his accounts, and set forth on the journey of his dreams.


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Q: How to plant seeds?

A: You need to plow soil first. To do this hit ground with hoe a couple times. Then you will need to open inventory (“I” key) and drag seeds to plowed soil.

Q: How to call emotes menu?

A: Press Y on keyboard or SELECT/SHARE on gamepad.

Q: I found a bug! How do I report it?

A: You can use in-game bug report button near the settings at the top right corner. Alternatively you can contact me by twitter, email on in comments section.

Just Have Fun!