Spook Tower


Spook Tower

Make your way to the top of the Spook Tower with 13 floors of puzzle platformer.

There are skeletons, ghost, and more.

Floors / Contributors:

The Catacombs by caeth
The Waterfall by mono
Caution: Wet Floor by enui
The Pit of _____ by Emma Daues
The Candlelit Garden by Emma
Dream Demon Hangout by thatguynm
Crumbling Tower by Rose
Slimy….. by Em Lindqvist
Leaps of Faith by Nathan Wayward
oh no! this is under construction!! by onion
Sir Squiddington’s Library by tyedye105
The Barren Belltower by Ripple
Mechanism by Sean
The Party by Ayolland and Frens

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.