Space Marines
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Space Marines

In “Space Marines,” prepare for an exhilarating browser-based roguelike adventure with procedurally generated dungeons. As a special fighter with a crucial connection to the fate of the universe, you’ll embark on a journey filled with epic battles across various dimensions.

Choose your hero wisely, as each one possesses unique skills that will be vital in surviving the perilous challenges ahead. The path you tread will be treacherous, and every step and decision will carry the weight of life and death.

The game offers a wide array of over 20 different types of weapons to wield, each with its own distinct advantages. Additionally, you can acquire various passive upgrades from merchants found within the dungeons, enhancing your abilities and strengthening your character.

The dungeons you explore will be procedurally generated, ensuring that every playthrough is unique and filled with surprises. The ever-changing environments will keep you on your toes, pushing your strategic thinking and combat skills to the limit.

As you progress through the dimensions, you’ll face formidable monsters and relentless challenges. Only through a combination of strength, skill, and strategy can you hope to conquer these dangerous lands.

Survival is not guaranteed, and death is a constant companion in “Space Marines.” However, with each attempt, you’ll gain wisdom and experience, allowing you to fine-tune your approach and build the perfect loadout for conquering the dimensions.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure that will test your mettle and forge you into a legendary fighter. Your destiny awaits you in the vastness of space – will you rise to the challenge and become a true Space Marine? Prove your worth, conquer the dimensions, and leave your mark in this epic roguelike experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!


Space Marines is developed by EmberGames.

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How to Play:

  • WASD – movement
  • Space is a unique character skill
  • LMB – shooting/interaction button with the world
  • Mouse wheel – switch between weapons