Snowball Destroyer
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Snowball Destroyer


Snowball Destroyer is an arcade game where your goal is to throw a snowball as far as possible, down a hill, into a town, while avoiding obstacles.

Upgrade the power and freeze of your snowball in order to build a super snowball.

How far can you roll the snowball?

Snowball Destroyer is an awesome Christmas game that’s perfect for fans of throwing snowballs. You play as a stylish character dressed as Santa Claus who tosses snowballs at a snowy town. The goal is to throw the snowball as far as possible! But the game doesn’t stop there. Once the snowball hits the ground, you take control of it. Turn, grow the size of the snowball, and maneuver around obstacles to avoid hitting the ground. You need to be smart and strategic to score the highest points possible. Are you ready to show off your throwing skills and become the top scorer? Then go ahead and join the game!


Snowball Destroyer is developed by Mirra Games.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

When Santa Claus aims a snowball, a color scale appears above him. Red is a weak throw, green is a strong one. When the running arrow will fly over the green color – click on the screen / left mouse button.