Slice it All
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Slice it All


Slice it All is the official knifing slicing game by Voodoo where the goal is to slice obstacles ahead of you!

This game requires you to slice through obstacles in front of you. Use your finger or mouse to flip your knife and slice the obstacles in equal halves as you progress through the levels. Show off your skills to become the ultimate slice master!

With your trusty super sharp knife, nothing can stand in your way! Flip your knife at the right time to slice through a range of obstacles such as pencils, pipes, and anvils. Keep your knife in the air at all times by continuously tapping and flipping it. You can even bounce off obstacles with the knife’s handle to give yourself a better chance of cutting through them!

Be careful not to touch the water or fall into the ditches, or your run will be over. Remember to hit the dark grey checkpoints to save your progress!

This game is both simple and challenging, with a visually appealing and colorful interface that provides a comfortable gaming experience for all players.


Slice it All is developed by voodoo.

Just Have Fun!