Sky Race 3D
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Sky Race 3D

Get ready to boost your love for car racing to the max with this awesome game that’s out of this world! It’s all about becoming the ultimate Race Master!

In this incredible race game, you’ll zoom around on super cool tracks high up in the sky. You’ll do crazy jumps off ramps and even fly your own car in amazing 3D places.

Are you excited to beat everyone else and be the Race Master? Buckle up in your flying car, get ready to soar, and start an adventure like you’ve never seen before. You’ll conquer wild ramps, tackle tricky turns, and do jaw-dropping jumps that will leave you amazed! Let’s go!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Your goal is to arrive at the finish line first. Fly off the track and land right in front of your rivals!

  • Controls on PC: Press left-mouse button and move the cursor on the screen to the right and left.
  • Phone controls: Move your finger left and right on the screen.