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Who needs a grill when you’ve got a Sizzlefist? Use you flaming hot fist to punch up the flavor at your restaurant, but be careful: too hard or too weak and you could mess up the order and miss out on a tip (or upset a pesky food critic). Fire it up and get fisting!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:


Become the world’s hottest chef by using your fiery Sizzlefist to cook up meals. Press and hold Space to charge up your fist and release to cook. The longer your fist is charged, the hotter the meal will become. Memorize the perfect temperature for each meal to get more satisfied customers. Make sure to slam on your tips to add them to your score.


– The harder you punch your tips, the more money will be added to your score.

– Too many burnt or undercooked meals may bring in the health inspector who can close you down for good.

– Some meals need to come out cold and shouldn’t be sizzle punched at all.