Six Cats Under
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Six Cats Under

Six Cats Under is an adorable point-and-click puzzle game that combines charming visuals with engaging gameplay. In this unique setup, players assume the role of a ghostly grandma who has passed away while reading a book. Now, as a benevolent poltergeist, your mission is to use your newfound ghostly powers to rescue a group of cats that were under your care.

Throughout the game, you’ll navigate through various puzzles, each cleverly designed to challenge your problem-solving skills while maintaining a light-hearted and fun atmosphere. Your ghostly abilities allow you to interact with objects in the physical world in ways that can help guide these cats to safety.

As you progress, each level increases in complexity, requiring more strategic thinking and clever manipulation of the environment to ensure all your feline friends are safe. “Six Cats Under” is not just about solving puzzles; it’s a heartwarming story of a grandmother’s ghost looking after her beloved pets even from beyond the grave. Will you be able to rescue all the cats and bring them to safety? Play and find out in this delightful adventure that cat lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike will adore.


Made as a game jam. Credits: Miles Äijälä @qwertyprophecy, Robin Swift @SwiftSketches, Tomas Beržinskas, and Alex Martin.

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