Simba Hide & Seek
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Simba Hide & Seek


“Simba Hide&Seek” is an engaging and playful game that lets you step into the paws of Simba, the crafty cat, or into the shoes of Artyom, the determined hunter. This game offers two distinct modes, each packed with its own set of challenges and fun.

As Simba the Cat:

In this mode, your goal is to outsmart Artyom by hiding throughout the house. You must cleverly blend into the environment, donning various objects as disguises to evade detection. Each level presents a new set of hiding spots and items to use as camouflage. Collect coins scattered around the house to unlock whimsical costumes and quirky decorations that enhance your hiding abilities. Be quick and stealthy – if Artyom finds you and snaps a photo, the game ends.

As Artyom the Hunter:

Taking on the role of Artyom, your mission is to seek out Simba and his feline friends who have hidden themselves around the house. Navigate through cluttered rooms and behind furniture to uncover the sneaky cats. Use your phone to capture photos of them once found. Each level increases in complexity with more cunning hiding spots. Pay close attention to subtle hints and shifts in the environment to track down all the hidden cats.

“Simba Hide&Seek” promises a delightful mix of hide-and-seek thrills and playful strategy, making it perfect for players who enjoy a light-hearted and interactive challenge. Whether you choose to be the hider or the seeker, you’re in for a fun-filled adventure that tests your stealth or detective skills. Dive into the game now and let the hide-and-seek hijinks begin!


Simba Hide & Seek is developed by PimpochkaGames.

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