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Welcome to SantaCraft, an exhilarating 3D action shooter game where your survival skills will be put to the test against hordes of zombies. Immerse yourself in a sprawling blocky world as you engage in intense shootouts to reach the portal and ensure your escape.

In this post-apocalyptic setting, you find yourself as the last surviving person. Your ultimate mission is to construct the portal as quickly as possible while fending off waves of approaching zombies. Arm yourself with a variety of weapons and unleash your shooting prowess to eliminate the relentless undead. Prepare for an epic battle against the zombies within the familiar world of Minecraft.

Stay vigilant and remain alert as you navigate the world of SantaCraft. With zombies lurking around every corner, your survival depends on your ability to defend yourself. Ready your weapon, strategize your moves, and fight back against the evil that has overtaken the land.

Embark on this thrilling adventure, survive the zombie onslaught, and build the portal to secure your escape from the blocky nightmare of SantaCraft. May your aim be true and your courage unwavering as you face the challenges that await in this action-packed shooter game.


SantaCraft is developed by emolingo games.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD to move
  • LMB to shoot
  • RMB to aim
  • Space to jump
  • Left shift to run
  • M to menu