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Play as a magician runecaster, a mage capable of crafting spells by evoking the power of the runes they carry on them. You’ve found yourself trapped within an ever changing tower full of danger and treasure while searching for a rune of great power, that hopefully will be your way out. Will you be able to find the legendary Portal Rune and escape?


Programming & Tiles/Spells/ Some Monsters by Me

Items & Some Monsters done by

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

WASD : Movement. Moving into an enemy will attack, or into a door or chest to open.

1 – 6 : Evoke Rune. Channels a rune’s power. Max of 3.

Z : Target Spell/Cast Spell. Must have at least 1 rune evoked. Press once to begin aiming, move cursor to target and press again to confirm.

X : Cancel Casting.

E: Equip item. Must be standing directly on top of it.

R : Use Consumable. Use currently held consumable.

Space : Skip Turn