Run To The Stairs 2
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Run To The Stairs 2

Run To The Stairs is back with updated graphics and much more.

A game about racing to the exit (the stairs) of a dungeon floor. Game is procedurally generated so no time runs will be the same.

  • Your goal is to reach the stairs before your opponents do.
    • You loose if your rank is 7th or worse.
    • Better ranking gives better score.
  • There is no combat.
  • You can pick up the following items:
    • $ : Coins give score
    •  / * : Permanent Speed-Upgrade by 10%
    • ! : Nitro – Doubles your speed for 10 turns, when ignited.
    • ~ : Drill – Allows you to destroy a wall. {new in v0.2}
  • At the beginning you and your opponents all move with the same speed.
  • The speed of your opponents increases with every dungeon-level.
  • Your opponents can only move in 4 directions whereas you can move in 8 directions (including diagonal movement).
    • Diagonal movement enables you to cut corners and use shorter paths when traversing rooms!
  • There are 4 possibilities to overtake opponents:
    • Take advantages of your diagonal movement in rooms.
    • Find a shorter path.
    • Increase your speed by speed-upgrades or nitros.
    • Dig your own shortcut using a drill.  {new in v0.2}
  • You are supported by a magic navigation system:
    • One possible path to the stairs is always indicated by a colored trace.
    • Be aware: This path is calculated considering 4-way-movement!
    • Therefore it is by no means ideal when you are capable of 8-way-movement!
    • Always consider alternative routes in order to take advantage of your ability to walk diagonally.
  • How digging works:  {new in v0.2}
    • You need at least one drill “~” in order to be able to dig.
    • If you have a drill, you can press [ctrl] or [0] to start digging-mode.
    • When in digging-mode, the @-sign representing the player is displayed in yellow and the walls are displayed as “#”-signs to allow better counting.
    • Your movement speed is halved as long as you are in digging-mode.
    • Just bump into a wall to remove it.
    • The removal of every wall-tile consumes one drill.
    • You automatically leave digging-mode when you move towards an empty square.
    • You can collect as many drills as you like. This allows you to dig long tunnels by investing the corresponding amount of drills.
  • How to get a high score

    • In this game you get points in the following situations:
      • When you pick up coins.
      • When you finish races (when you reach the stairs).
    • The points you get for finishing races depend on your ranking:
    Ranking Points
    1 10
    2 6
    3 4
    4 3
    5 2
    6 1
    7-9 0

Developed by Gerhard Wonner.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:


  • Move your character with the numpad.
  • Pressing [.] or [5] skips a turn.
  • Trigger a nitro with [space] or [enter] if you have one.
  • Toggle digging mode with [ctrl] or [0].
  • (If the game does not react on keyboard inputs click on it and try again.)

Alternative controls if you don’t have a numpad

  • Use [w][a][s][d] for cardinal directions.
  • Use [q][e][z][c] for diagonal movement.
  • (For QWERTZ-keyboard-layout users [y] can also be used for moving down-left.)