Riddle Transfer
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Riddle Transfer

Riddle Transfer is a captivating point-and-click adventure game developed by Jonbro, where you find yourself and your four alien friends imprisoned by humans. The game kicks off with the challenge of escaping your own small prison cell. To do this, you must solve the initial puzzle of entering the correct number into the dialpad to unlock the door.

Once you’ve managed to escape your cell, the next objective is to find the key to the elevator, which will grant you access to all floors of the facility. This opens up a broader area for exploration, where you must meticulously search various rooms for objects that could help you rescue your friends and ultimately escape from the confining facility.

Throughout the game, you’ll need to combine clever problem-solving with quick thinking to gather items and clues that will aid in your mission to save your friends and thwart the plans of your captors. “Riddle Transfer” offers a blend of suspense, strategy, and adventure, challenging you to act heroically in a bid to secure freedom for yourself and your companions. Are you ready to tackle the puzzles and emerge as a hero from this thrilling escapade?

Riddle Transfer is a flash game made in 2011. Now it is playable again online.

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