Resident Evil Ebola 6
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Resident Evil Ebola 6


Resident Evil Ebola 6″is a flash game that serves as a thrilling continuation of the iconic elements from both the “Metal Slug” and “Resident Evil” series. In this installment, the narrative picks up with the virus escaping the confines of the mansion and spreading chaos through the city streets of Python City.

Players are thrust into an action-packed scenario where the fate of Python City hangs in the balance. The game challenges you to navigate through infected cityscapes, battling hordes of zombies and other monstrous entities unleashed by the rampant virus.

As you progress, the game blends the fast-paced, shoot-’em-up style of “Metal Slug” with the survival horror elements of “Resident Evil,” creating a unique gameplay experience that tests both your reflexes and your ability to strategize under pressure. Can you stop the spread of the virus and save Python City from devastation? Dive into “Resident Evil Ebola 6” to find out.

Made by MetaMike

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Arrow Keys – Move around
  • S – Primary Weapon
  • D – Secondary Weapon
  • E – Third Weapon
  • A – Melee Attack
  • F – Liquid Herb
  • Q – Ammo Crafting Menu
  • ENTER – Open Doors / Interact with Environment
  • SPACE – Open Inventory
  • *Enter can also be used to skip some cutscenes.