Red Ball 4: Volume 2
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Red Ball 4: Volume 2


Prepare for an exciting adventure in Red Ball 4: Volume 2 as you guide our friendly hero through treacherous paths. Roll and jump your way through a deep forest, all while thwarting the evil squares’ plans to conquer the world.

Navigate the red ball using the arrow keys, maneuvering through each level with skill and precision. Along the way, make sure to collect all the sparkling stars that await you.

Your mission is to lead Red Ball to the ultimate goal. Will you be able to guide our courageous hero to victory?

Beware of the sinister minions that seek to reshape the planet into a square. Roll past obstacles, defying their evil intentions, and gather the stars that light your path. Stay vigilant, as the bad guys will try to impede your progress.

Harness the power of the up arrow key to jump on your enemies, defeating them and ensuring their plans are foiled.

Get ready for an action-packed journey filled with challenges, platforming skills, and a thrilling quest to save the world. Can you help Red Ball overcome the odds and emerge victorious in this gripping adventure?

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