Real Construction Excavator Simulator
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Real Construction Excavator Simulator


Real Construction Excavator Simulator is an online driving simulator game that allows you to experience the daily life of a truck driver. Your driving skills will be tested as you navigate through challenging terrains. Your primary objective is to deliver construction materials to building sites, which requires sharp driving skills and focus, as even a small mistake can result in a lost cargo. To accomplish this task, you must skillfully maneuver an excavator to load your truck, which can be challenging but achievable with concentration. Once your truck is loaded, you will have to drive cautiously to the construction site and then unload the cargo at a designated location.


Real Construction Excavator Simulator is developed by Vitalitygames.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Truck:
    • WASD/Arrow keys – Drive
    • Mouse – Control the camera
    • Space- Handbrake
    • E – Dump
    • F – Switch between vehicles
  • Excavator:
    • F – Switch between vehicles
    • Mouse – Control the camera
    • E – Switch between driving and excavating
  • Drive Mode:
    • WASD/Arrow keys – Drive
    • X/C- Bucket arm
    • V/B- Bucket tilt Dig Mode:
    • Left/Right arrow- Swing
    • Up/Down arrow keys- Move
    • Hold V to open the bucket