Ragdoll Cowboys
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Ragdoll Cowboys

Step into the dusty boots of a would-be sheriff in “Ragdoll Cowboys,” a captivating game set in the rugged landscapes of the Wild West. This game offers players the chance to embark on a classic western-style adventure, filled with danger and daring escapades.

As the new sheriff in town, your mission is to restore order and peace by taking on bloodthirsty bandits who plague the towns and badlands. Each encounter is a test of your quick-draw skills and strategic thinking. You’ll navigate through various challenges, engage in shootouts, and hunt for hidden treasures that hold the secrets to the town’s safety and your success.

Armed with a trusty revolver and the extraordinary ability to execute jumps in slow motion, you’ll feel like a true hero of the Old West. These abilities not only give you a tactical advantage but also allow you to fully immerse yourself in the cinematic action sequences that define the game.

“Ragdoll Cowboys” also introduces a playful twist with its ragdoll physics, adding a humorous element to the gameplay. Watch as characters interact in exaggerated, often hilarious ways when they collide or fall, enhancing the fun and unpredictability of each encounter.


Ragdoll Cowboys is developed by Peachhouse.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • PCcontrols:
    • A, D or arrow keys – control the character.
    • Double-click on the movement button – jump to the side.
    • Aim with the mouse cursor, hold down the left mouse button to start shooting.
  • In daily missions:
    • Spacebar – crouch.
  • Smartphone controls:
    • Buttons in the left half of the screen – control the character.
    • Double tap on the movement button – jump to the side.
    • Swipe and hold your finger on the right side of the screen to aim and shoot.