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Racing Go


Traffic Tour is an arcade-style racing game that takes place on a highway filled with cars and trucks. As a player, you can speed through traffic and split lanes to gain points. With high-quality graphics and smooth driving simulations, Traffic Tour is designed to provide an immersive experience for racing game enthusiasts. Additionally, the game offers advanced features that make it stand out as a leading free car game.


Racing Go is developed by Wolves Interactive.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • W = forward D = Right L = Left S = Brake Shift = Nitrous ESC = Back
  • Unlock new cars by collecting more Blueprints in endless mode
  • When driving over 100 km/h, try to overtake traffic cars to get bonus scores and cash
  • Get extra cash when endless mode
  • Driving in opposite direction in two-way gives extra score and cash