Puppet Duel – Ragdoll Fight
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Puppet Duel – Ragdoll Fight

Dive into the whimsically chaotic world of “Puppet Duel – Ragdoll Fight,” a game that combines the hilarity of ragdoll physics with the thrill of combat. In this game, you are given the power to craft any conceivable move for your character, who will mimic these actions during intense duels. Your ability to creatively manipulate these moves is key to outmaneuvering your opponents and landing devastating blows that can swing the match in your favor.
As you triumph over your adversaries, you’ll earn coins that can be used to further enhance your puppet’s abilities. These coins can be spent on chests that reveal new weapons and clothing, each enhancing your puppet in crucial ways. Weapons boost your attack power, allowing you to inflict greater damage with each hit, while clothing increases your defense, making you more resilient against the attacks of your rivals.


Puppet Duel – Ragdoll Fight is developed by Peachhouse.

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