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Punch Bob


Introducing Punch Boooob, the heavyweight contender weighing in at an impressive 500 pounds! He may not look like your typical hero and is a bit out of shape, but don’t let that fool you – he’s a true warrior at heart.

Bob’s secret weapon? He doesn’t need guns or ammo, he is the weapon! With his massive body, he can be hurled at enemies to defeat them in a single blow.

Punch Bob is a unique game that combines puzzle-solving with wrestling. Your task is to strategically use Bob’s body to take down all the enemies on the screen, but watch out for traps along the way.

Here’s why you’ll love this game:

  • Hilarious physics-based gameplay
  • Over 100 challenging logic puzzles
  • Original fighting mechanics
  • Customizable wrestler outfits
  • Awesome bonus levels to unlock

Challenge yourself to beat each level on the first try and join Bob on his epic adventure!

Just Have Fun!

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