Pork Must Arrive


Pork Must Arrive

The fairy tales tower defense, with Orc and his buddies as a heroes trying to steal Knight’s piggies for them foods. With constructed evil plan, they make a transporter to pick up the piggies from Knight’s castle and become a pork cuisine for them bellies. So.. PORK MUST ARRIVE!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


‘A & D buttons’ – Movements
‘W button’ – Jump
‘S button’ – Call Boar (your pet)

‘SPACE button’ – Melee Attack
‘Click Left Mouse button’ – Range Attack (point your cursor to targeting)

‘P button’ – Open Stats / Paused
‘M button’ – Mute / Unmute

‘F button’ – Summon Golem (when unlock Golem)
‘1,2,3,4 buttons’ – Summons Other Creatures (when unlock all skills)