Pong Breaker
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Pong Breaker


Pong Breaker is a combination of the classic Pong game and Arkanoid.

The game can be played both alone or with another player in local multiplayer against an AI.

The goal is to break all the bricks on your opponent’s side while protecting your own.

There are buffs that will spawn randomly location with different effects, which will be activated if touched by the ball.

Buff includes changing the size of different objects, spawning new balls, changing player speeds and inverting controls.

How to Play:

Blue player – The up arrow and down arrow
Orange player – The ‘w’ and ‘s’ keys

Music toggle – ‘m’
Back to previous menu – ‘b’
Information panel (levels menu only) – ‘i’
Pause game – space
Sound effects toggle – ‘f’
Respawn ball – ‘r’