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A 2D puzzle-platformer where the player is attached to a power cable, and must maneuver the way through the environment while keeping your cable safe.


  • Simulated rope physics puzzles and more.
  • 3 unique levels with different mechanics
  • 30-40 minute gameplay


  • This game was made as a final project for the course “Technique d’Intégration Multimédia” at “Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne”
  • Made by :
    • Nicolas Nguyen – Game designer
    • Mathieu Vezina – Game programmer
    • Emilia Lora Cobo – Art director
    • Antoine Paquette – Level designer
    • Maria Linares – Music composer
    • Felix Perrault – Sound designer
    • Cynthia-Eve Giroux – UX/UI designer

How to Play:

  • WASD keys or Left Joystick : Movement
  • Spacebar or A button : Jump
  • E or X button : Interact
  • R or Y button : Restart to last checkpoint