Parkour Noob Aventure
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Parkour Noob Aventure


Welcome to the thrilling world of Parkour Noob Adventure, a platformer game reminiscent of Mario 64. Your noble quest? Collect all the stars scattered across the expansive map and rescue the princess in peril. To achieve this heroic feat, you’ll embark on an epic journey through a vast open world filled with surprises and challenges. Fear not the prospect of restarting, for cleverly placed checkpoints ensure you don’t lose your progress.

If you’re a fan of Minecraft parkour, you’re in for a treat. This adventure was crafted with enthusiasts like you in mind. Immerse yourself in a voxel world teeming with breathtaking landscapes, cunning traps, menacing monsters, dizzying heights, enigmatic portals, and so much more. It’s a cube-filled 3D Minecraft universe just waiting to be explored.

Steve, despite being dubbed a “noob,” possesses an impressive arsenal of parkour skills. He can leap to astonishing heights, cling to walls like a pro, hoist objects, navigate waterways, gracefully glide along railings, and even deploy a trusty parachute. These abilities are but a glimpse of his potential. Now, the question remains: Can you master these skills and employ them to save the princess in her hour of need? The fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • 🖥️ Desktop:
    • 🖱️ Mouse/Trackpad – Camera rotation
    • 🖱️ LMB – Spin Attack
    • 🖱️ RMB – Parachute/Dive/Release ledge
    • ⏹️ WASD – Movement
    • ⏹️ Tab – Pause Menu
    • ⏹️ Left Shift – Run
    • ⏹️ Spacebar – Jump
    • ⏹️ G – Pick up/Drop
    • ⏹️ Q – Crawl / Dive
    • ⏹️ E – Jump Attack
    • ⏹️ F – Dash
  • 📱Phone:
    • ⚪ Left Stick – Move
    • ⚪ Right stick – Camera rotation
    • ⚪ X – Run/Dive
    • ⚪ A – Jump
    • ⚪ Y – Pick up/Drop
    • ⚪ B – Jump Attack
    • ⚪ L1 – Crawl/Dive/Release ledge
    • ⚪ L2 – Dash
    • ⚪ R1 – Spin Attack
    • ⚪ R2 – Parachute

Parkour Noob Aventure is a online Arcade Game you can play for free in full screen at KBH Games. Parkour Noob Aventure is also HTML5 games that be played on a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Easily play Parkour Noob Aventure on the web browser without downloading. Hope the game will bring a little joy into your daily life.