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Hey there, ice cream enthusiasts! Dive into the super fun world of Papa’s Freezeria, where you won’t just be chilling and munching on yummy treats. Nope, you get to be Papa Louie’s apprentice in his famous parlor, and guess what? It’s all happening on the super cool Calypso Island!

Now, this island is extra special because it only has twelve folks living there. Your job? Convince everyone that your ice cream is the absolute best! Ready to learn the secrets of making the perfect sundae from Papa Louie himself? Get ready to take orders, mix up the right ingredients, and add the perfect toppings – all on your own!

Here’s the scoop on how to play: First, pick a character – either Alberto or Penny. And guess what? As you play, you can earn cool upgrades for how your character looks!

Now, let’s get started! Grab an order from a customer, copy all the important details, fill in the ticket, and then navigate the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The trick is to juggle between the four stations in the shop!

First, choose the right cup size, fill it with delicious ice cream, and click on the dispenser when the arrow is in the green zone. Can you nail the perfect moment and earn extra tips? Practice makes perfect because you’ll use this a lot!

Next, check out the ticket for the customer’s flavor and syrup preferences. Once you’ve got that down, head to the mixing station. But don’t let it mix for too long or too little – it’s all about finding that sweet spot! Get ready for a frosty adventure at Papa’s Freezeria!

Time to make your sundae even more awesome with the tastiest toppings! Your customers have tons of options to choose from, but here’s the trick – follow the order on the ticket exactly. And guess what? As you slide the topping containers left to right, be super careful because any wasted toppings will lower your final score!

Now, it’s delivery time to the oh-so-eager customer! This is where your super organization skills kick in. Can you match each ice cream to the right ticket? Even a tiny mix-up could make not one but two of your customers leave without a smile!

At the end of each day, you’ll see how well you did at each station and get an overall score. And here’s the coolest part – you can use the money you earned from tips to make your store even better! Upgrade your machines, get new ingredients, or go all out and buy advertisements for the shop. Before you know it, you’ll have the most amazing ice cream parlor ever


Papas Freezeria is developed by Flipline Studios.

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