Pandemic 2
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Pandemic 2


Pandemic 2 is simulation game that puts you in charge of spreading a dangerous pandemic across the globe. As the virus, you must strategize your way through various levels, trying to spread your virus as far and wide as possible. With simple mechanics and meaningful choices, you will have the ability to purchase upgrades with experience points gained from evolving your virus. These upgrades include different symptoms that help spread the virus and improve its ability to infect others.

The game is casual and time-management based, so you’ll need to upgrade and wait to see if your disease is progressing before the time limit expires. There are two game modes to choose from: relaxed and realistic, with the latter being more difficult. Three microbes of varying difficulty are available to select from, and you can check on the progress of the virus in each country by clicking on them. Recent news reports are also available to keep you updated on the disease’s spread.

Upgrade your microbe by adding more symptoms, modes of transmission, and resistance to help your virus spread even further.

Pandemic 2 is a flash game that was originally released on 2008. Now it is updated to be playable on the modern web, thanks to

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