Orb Sort
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Orb Sort


Orb Sort is a sorting puzzle game with a lot of many different game modes, include a 2 player knockout mode.

4 awesome Game Modes

    • Sort infinitely! Practice getting huge combos. Or just sort your heart out. Nobody cares, and nothing saves! (Except to a small stats menu known as your Collection.)
    • Sort quickly, sort well, my friend. Aim for huge combos, back-to-back chains, and any other awesome strategy that gets you a huge score within 2 minutes (or 3, or 4, or 5). Go for your high score. Make yourself look awesome.
    • Combos too complicated? Sorting fast is all that matters here. No setups needed – nail a certain amount of capsules as quick as possible for some amazing Bragging Rights. Play for 8, 16, 32, or 64 clears. Just please don’t hurt your hand. Orbsort whiplash is a serious condition.*
    • *it’s not. please make sure you don’t get carpal tunnel though. your hands are more important than colored balls. :)
    • FOUR PLAYER SPLITSCREEN!!! HOLY MOLY!!! (note that you do need controllers if you intend on playing with more than two players. PICO-8 doesn’t let me and there’s not enough room on the keyboard anyway.) KO your friends as quickly as possible without losing yourself in this surprisingly moderately strategic mode. Keep your health high, your shield even higher, and when everything seems lost, keep making those combos.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • 1 Player:
    • use the arrow keys or ESDF to move and Z/C/N/Left Shift/Tab to swap or select.
    • Q/X/V/M/A will cancel your combotimer.
    • Enter/P brings up the pause menu.
  • 2 Player Knockout Mode:
    • Arrow Keys + N/M is one player and ESDF + Tab/Q is the other.
    • You’ll need controllers for the other two players.
  • 3-4 players:
    • You can use four controllers, one for everyone. Or have three controllers and one keyboard.