Orb of Creation
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Orb of Creation


A incremental game where your goal is to create a world from from nothing but magic.

Conjure resources, buy upgrades, and become an all-powerful sorcerer.


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Made by Marple

Get updates, join the discussion, and provide feedback on the discord: https://discord.gg/JpNRYUud57

Get early access to patches, try out the Desktop version (test build), and support OoC’s development here: https://www.patreon.com/marplegames

How to Play:

Tips and Tricks

I want to teach everything to the player via gameplay so if you haven’t played the game, do so first. While I build a more robust in-game guide/glossary, here are a couple tips:

1) Numbers Keys (1-9) cast spells, and QWER for other usable things.

2) Modifiers in OoC stack additively. +100% from two different sources results in +200%.  HOWEVER, modifiers that effect things different, stack separately. For example, +100% spell power and +100% resource spell power, will result in +300% total power for resource spells.

3) There is no timing-mechanic with the upgrades. No matter when you purchase +10% capacity, the math will always make it +10% capacity.