Operation BlackKnife

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Operation BlackKnife

Operation BlackKnife is a overhead space combat simulator. The game features a campaign where the player is thrown into the middle of an all out war, and your team is losing…You take control of the experimental fighter X1 Delta and help turn the tide of war. The X1 is a highly customizable powerful fighter with up to 4 weapons bays, 4 module slots, and 6 types of upgrades. It also has to capability to Cloak, Speed Boost, or Armor Boost.

The game also features a endless wave mode, and a sandbox mode, both modes offer hours of gameplay.

How to Play:

WASD – Movement
Mouse – Aim
LMB – Fire Primary Weapons
SpaceBar- Fire Secondary Weapons
Shift – Afterburners

C – Access Auxiliary Powers
E – Interact/Open Hanger
J – Jump
P – Pause Game